Our Purpose

  • Leading Community Mentorships

    Confident, resilient, and Informed, we are reinventing a holistic approach to building teenagehood experiences through creating safe spaces that steer peer learning. So far +400 teenagers, boys and girls from 5 semi urban locations have benefitted.

  • Boosting Businesses For Teen Mothers

    We are dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among teen mothers. Our tailored programs aim to equip young mothers with skills and tools needed to build sustainable and successful enterprises towards financial independence.

  • Engaging with the community

    We encompass the vital objective of fostering intergenerational collaboration, striving collectively to address challenges, and jointly seeking solutions that bridge generational gaps.

Impact Stories

Mentorship Programs

Meet Hawa, a gingko beneficiary, she embodies resilience and unwavering strength in the face of adversity.

Through engaging workshops and open discussions, Hawa developed a profound sense of self-awareness and confidence, recognizing her worth and the importance of making informed decisions.

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Teen Mother's Business

Meet Vennah Osimbo, a Gingko Beneficiary. She fearlessly embraced entrepreneurship, birthing her own Sukuma Wiki business. Juggling the demands of motherhood with the pursuit of her dreams, she embodies resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

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Community Success Story

Meet Tom Omondi, a proud member of the Gingko community. Through his engagement with Gingko, he has embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Learning about self-awareness has been pivotal in his growth. Understanding his strengths and weaknesses has boosted his confidence, making him more aware of his personal development.

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Become A Member

  • Teen membership

    Can teenagers be changemakers and advocates of social good?

    This membership allows teenagers to champion innovative ideas towards a healthy adolescent experience.

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  • Individual membership

    Are you ready to champion new ideas that transform societal systems ? Providing a healthy environment to improving the lives of teenagers? Gingko Network is the ultimate place for you

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  • School membership

    Schools enabling all students to achieve their full potential —young people who are all round at able to fit in the society as young changemakers.

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  • Organizational membership

    A community of committed organizations that share, support, and advocate for Gingko Africa's vision, while unleashing their own potential in supporting the proper development of teenagers.


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Membership Categories

There are four types of membership categories: Teenagers, Individuals, Schools, and Organizations. Each category has a provision for members to grow with us. Although Emerald is the starting point for each category, it does not mean that a member must start from Emerald.

One is free to enter from any of the stages, that is, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond, and gradually progress to the next stages

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Teen Membership- Ksh. 2,000

Individual Membership - Ksh. 4,000

School Membership -Ksh. 20,000

Organization Membership - Ksh. 40,000


Teens Membership - Ksh. 4,000

Individual Membership - Ksh. 6,000

School Membership - Ksh. 40,000

Organization Membership - Ksh. 60,000


Teen Membership - Ksh. 6,000

Individual Membership - Ksh. 8,000

School Membership - Ksh. 60,000

Organization Membership - Ksh. 80,000


Teen Membership - Ksh. 8,000

Individual Membership - Ksh. 10,000

School Membership - Ksh. 80,000

Organization Membership- Ksh.100,000

Become A Member

It takes a community to bring about change. Be part of it.

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