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Dear Gingko Community,

Gingko Africa is a social enterprise that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. It responds to the rampant increase in teen pregnancies that were witnessed during this pandemic. At the heart of Gingko is the spirit of the Swahili proverb, 'kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi’.

This social enterprise empowers teen mothers to develop at personal, social, and entrepreneurial levels while engaging the community in mitigating the effects of teen pregnancy. As a preventive measure against teen pregnancy, Gingko offers mentorship programs, tools such as Blossom Through Teenagehood book, to adolescents with the aim to contribute to their holistic development.

Latest News

Let's Talk Sex Education Event

As community engagement is one of our strategic priorities, Gingko collaborated with Angaza Foundation in Kibera to organize the #SexEducation event on 23rd December 2022. This event was graced with 62 teenagers, boys, and girls from Kibera to discuss solutions to teen pregnancy in the community.

Using comedy and talent, more than 200 adults were involved in the street event, surmounting teen pregnancy in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa and one of the highest contributors to the teen pregnancy index in Kenya. For more information, please check out our social media handles.

Gingko Guide training 2023

Gingko Africa is proud to have conducted a Training of Trainers (TOT) from the 20th to the 24th of January 2023. This training focused on training 10 teen mothers who will in turn take part in a 6-month mentorship program in their communities. Out of this mentorship program, we intend to reduce the number of teen pregnancies and positively influence behavior change in 165 teenagers. In addition, the teen mothers will support Gingko in the capacity of volunteering where they will be supported with a stipend to support them towards a journey of financial stability.

Gingko joins the Queens Commonwealth Trust Network

As of the 25th of January 2023, Gingko Africa joined the Queens Commonwealth Trust Network with over 850 mission-aligned global leaders creating positive social change in the Commonwealth. This network is beneficial to the Gingko brand and its positioning in Africa and beyond. This came to be after being nominated for the commonwealth youth award in October 2022.  The Commonwealth youth award is a recognition of exceptional young people from across the Commonwealth countries who are tackling global issues, improving lives, and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In March 2023, the Gingko Africa team will receive its award during the 50th anniversary of the Commonwealth Youth Programme.

Launch of our book:

Blossom Through Teenagehood

Good News! The 2nd Edition of Blossom Through Teeangehood Book is finally out! 

This guidebook covers the major areas of development in teenagehood. Blossom Through Teenagehood book is rich with knowledge and tips into the reproductive, personal, and entrepreneurial underpinnings of many professional expertise and experiences on the topics. Fun activities, dynamics, real case studies, and games bring out Blossom’s creative style of sharing knowledge. They provide readers with comprehensive guidance on ways knowledge of sex education, techniques to facilitate self-awareness, methods of dealing with mental health issues, and taping innovation impacts the holistic development of teenagers. 

100% of the profits raised from the sale of this book will go back to supporting teen mothers in building resilience and overcoming the hiccup faced. 


Blossom Through Teenagehood, French edition

To increase impact and reduce cases of teen pregnancy in Africa, Gingko Africa is collaborating with a team of experts from Côte d'Ivoire in translating and making the Blossom Through Teenagehood book accessible in French. This book will be titled ‘S'épanouir’

Ankara notebooks training

Honing entrepreneurial skills and working towards financial stability, Gingko will be training teen mothers on Ankara notebook making using waste Ankara fabric. This will address some of the contributing causes of teen pregnancy: poverty.