• Gingko is an initiative that was formed during the COVID19 pandemic. It is a response to the rampant increase in teen pregnancies that have and are being witnessed during this pandemic.

    At the heart of Gingko is the spirit of the Swahili proverb, “kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi” meaning the breaking of a cooking stick does not symbolize the end of cooking”.Since 2021, Gingko has strategically positioned herself to build resilience among teen mothers by creating a support structures and a safe space for them, where they can restore, remodel and revamp their confidence, resilience and courage despite the hiccup faced.

    Gingko countinues to be intentional in mitigating the effects of teen pregnancy at national and regional levels by constantly ensuring teen mothers’ voices are amplified and their needs, priorities and aspirations are prioritized through their personal cultivation and development.

Our Core

  • Mission

    We enable adolescent girls' personal, mental and entrepreneurial growth, involving local communities to bridge intergenerational gaps and promote holistic teenager development in Kenya.

  • Vision

    To achieve the empowerment of African adolescent girls to thrive in dignity, wellbeing and financial independence, free from teen pregnancy, gender based violence and injustice.


People Centered
We are empathetic, supportive and friendly with mutual respect for how teenagers think, express and identify so that together we thrive in holistic development.
Integrity and honesty are at the center of how we work, driving high level of trust and ethical practices. Development of the teenagers.
Everything we do is motivated by our desire to enable teenagers to lead their development journey, building strong connections and together surmounting teen pregnancies.
We are continuously learning, developing and adapting to ensure our programs contribute to the teenagers achieving their optimum potential.

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She speaks shades more light on the development path of the teen girls.

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None of us should sit back and watch teen girls getting striped of their childhood due to early pregnancies, we need to take action.

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