Teen Pregnancy, a shadow pandemic

In Kenya, 379,573 teenage pregnancies were recorded in 2019 (The National Council on Population and Development)

1/5 teenagers aged 10-14 years old, is either pregnant or has delivered

What We Do

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
Personal Growth and Development
Mental Health Awareness
Entrepreneurship skills development
Actively breaking stigma and taboos surrounding Sexual and Reproductive Health conversations. Through our mentorship programs and holistic teen development initiatives, we provide a safe and empowering space for teenagers to access comprehensive education and support.
Building a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and purposeful life skill acquisition with teenagers, paving the way for a future defined by resilience and success.
Steadfast advocacy for mental health awareness, spearheading initiatives that promote open conversations, empathy, and holistic support for teenagers, fostering a culture of emotional, social and psychological well-being.
Enabling and equipping teenagers with the tools for financial stability and independence, nurturing a culture of innovation, creativity, and self-reliance.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Empowering proactive changemakers

    At Gingko Africa, our empowerment programs are dedicated to equipping teenage mothers with essential life skills and support structures to overcome challenges.

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  • Cutting-edge resources.

    Gingko Africa's core mission is to prevent teen pregnancies by providing crucial resources and manuals to empower both boys and girls as they navigate the challenges of Teenagehood.

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  • Community outreach and engagement

    Addressing teen pregnancy, a complex societal issue, requires a collective effort, and Gingko Africa actively engages with communities to seek solutions.

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  • Research and innovative programs

    In our ever-evolving and fast-paced world, Gingko Africa faces the exciting challenge of adapting to emerging social trends while preserving the fundamental values that underpin our mission.

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Gingko team

The Gingko team believes in the transformation of people to create positive impact both globally and locally. We are a diverse team with a shared vision: to achieve the empowerment of African adolescent girls to thrive in dignity, well-being and financial independence, free from teen pregnancy, gender based violence and injustice.

  • Ivy Akii Karushi

    Co-founder and CEO

    Communications and Partnerships

  • Maialen Zapirain

    Co-founder and COO

    Business Development

  • Shannon Naliaka

    Operations Management

  • Sandra Wanga

    Digital Communications Associate

  • Melveen Andisi

    Gingko beneficiary

    Teen Mother

  • Mary Murono

    Gingko beneficiary

    Teen mother


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