Teen Pregnancy, a shadow pandemic

In Kenya, 379,573 teenage pregnancies were recorded in 2019 (The National Council on Population and Development)

1/5 teenagers aged 10-14 years old, is either pregnant or has delivered

Areas of focus

  • Capacity building

    The core of our programmes lies in strengthening and developing different skillsets, both personal and professional to contribute to the holistic development of teenagers

  • Mental Health

    Identifying our mental health issues and learning how to manage them from a practical perspective is critical for a fulfilling and a happier lifestyle.

  • Community sensitization

    By voicing teen pregnancy through creating awareness in communities, we develop positive change and mitigate the effects of teen pregnancy.

  • Human-centred methodologies

    Gingko is designed as a combination of different methodologies such as learning by doing, project-based learning and positive psychology with human-driven focus

Our programs

Our innovative approach is built on Learning by doing and project based learning that ensure teen mothers apply skills toward projects benefiting their children, peers, families, and communities. These model puts skills into practice, instills confidence, and starts young people on the path to become active community changemakers.

  • 1.Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, parenting and personal development

    Over the years, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights(SRHR) awareness has been a taboo in the society. Often, the lack of knowledge in SRHR, has contributed to the naivety in teenagers and rampant increase in teen pregnancies. It is based on this context, Gingko works with the communities in sensitizing and re- establishing constructive conversations around sex education and teen pregnancy while cultivating their personal development and parenting skills.

  • 2. Entrepreneurship, Business development and mental health

    The Entrepreneurship programme is an embodiement of Gingko’s continued commitment to enable teen mothers to develop business management skills and become financially independent. Brilliance and talent exist everywhere, but opportunities do not. Our model addresses the root cause of why teenagers are radical in their development, creating an ecosystem of opportunity for them to excel as all round citizens and active participants in the global economy.

Gingko team

The Gingko team believes in the transformation of people to create positive impact both globally and locally. We are a diverse team with a shared vision: to achieve the empowerment of African adolescent girls to thrive in dignity, well-being and financial independence, free from teen pregnancy, gender based violence and injustice.

  • Ivy Akii Karushi

    Co-founder and CEO

    Communications and Partnerships

  • Maialen Zapirain

    Co-founder and COO

    Business Development

  • Shannon Naliaka

    Operations Management

  • Lewinsky Gatwiri

    Digital Communications

    Finance & Accounting

  • Melveen Andisi

    Gingko beneficiary

    Teen Mother

  • Mary Murono

    Gingko beneficiary

    Teen mother


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