All hope is not lost

All hope is not lost


I am an 18 year-old girl, passionate about being an economist. Peer pressure both at home and in school led to my pregnancy. This was during the peak of the COVID19 pandemic. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so scared, thoughts of having an abortion even crossed my mind. But the fear of possible death during abortion held me back and I decided to keep the child.

My bold decision sowed bitter fruits -my relationship with my father drastically changed. Initially, he took me to school, we frequently chatted and told stories. All these happy moments suddenly stopped and my family scattered. Currently, my father does not support me.

After giving birth, I went back to high school. I’m currently in my final year. I am juggling between school -laying a foundation for a better future, participating in empowerment programs to better myself and doing small businesses to raise money to support my child single-handedly as the father of my child neglected us.

This experience had made me more resilient, courageous and hopeful for a better tomorrow


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