I will stand tall!

I will stand tall!


I am a 21 year-old teen mother, born and raised in Lindi, Kibera. When I finished high school, I got pregnant but unfortunately, I got a miscarriage.This was fueled by anger and revenge for the pain I suffered during my difficult childhood. I am currently expecting my second child. 

I got pregnant despite using protection. Nevertheless, I took the brave decision to keep the pregnancy because of my values; I did not want to commit murder through abortion. My mother passed on when I was 6 years old- I have missed a motherly figure in my life. Now I have an opportunity to be present in my child’s life and  development. This being the core of my passion, I have enrolled in a beauty college to hone my skills and fulfill my long yarned passion in beauty and cosmetics. This I will commence after child birth in May 2022.

Both  my father and the father of my child have been supportive. Currently, I’m undergoing skill based learning to make Ankara notebooks to empower myself so that I can be financially stable. This way, I look forward  to offering my child a better life than  mine.

I’m now bold enough to accept that I can not change my past but I will make the future I have always dreamt of. This is the time and I can not wait!




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