Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Is technology the only field that applies innovative solutions to the challenges emanating from this dynamic and fast-paced society? Aligning with the theme of Africa Scout Day, 'Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future,' held from 9th -12th March 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya,  Gingko Africa broke the bias around innovation by showcasing different ways to apply innovative solutions to challenges faced in our communities.

Motivated by the desire to inspire other young people from the 20 African countries that attended the event into action, Gingko Africa explained how the use of innovative approaches in delivering their programs has contributed to the successful social impact they have achieved so far. In addition, their practice of "teaching the young people how to fish and not giving them fish' amazed many as it focused on breaking the financial dependency mindset among the teenagers in their community and cultivating a solution-oriented mindset. 

Furthermore, their approach to preventing teen pregnancy using the 'Blossom Through Teenagehood book captured the attention of Hon. Jacob Kaimenyi, Professor Kiama - University of Nairobi, to mention a few. 

Gingko Africa was able to share and contribute to the conversation of innovation as a necessity for achieving sustainable solutions. It does not just happen in the technology field but can also be applied in processes, approaches, and methodologies to achieve the desired outcome. Innovation does not occur in a day. It is progressive. Innovation starts with 'I' taking the first step to the change I want to see.


Echoing this sentiment was Jacob Kaimenyi, C.S, Kenya Scout Association:

'…Let us be catalysts of the change we want to see and set an example to everyone around us." he said.

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