Gingko’s double edge sword

Gingko’s double edge sword

Over the last six months, the Gingko mentorship program has been running in five semi-urban settlements in Nairobi, county focusing on reducing teen pregnancy cases by providing Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (SRH). This program has had a Social Return on Investment of 80% being spearheaded by 11 teen mothers serving as mentors.

"As a result of the Gingko mentorship sessions, I have become more confident speaking in front of others," Grace, 17 years old Gingko mentor, shared during the mentorship evaluation meeting.

Motivated by the experiences and the abrupt shift from a child to a parent, the teen mothers have been equipping themselves with mentorship skills, spending 4 hours every week with their peers dialoguing and sharing perspectives on some of the topics covered in the Blossom Through Teenagehood book. These mentorships have not only empowered teenagers but have also created safe spaces for learning and positively leveraged peer-to-peer influence.

Being a mentor with Gingko has helped me improve my self-awareness and esteem. It has also helped me interact with new people and get the opportunity to support more teenagers in different communities to develop different skills.” said Sylvia, a teen mother.

Furthermore, through this mentorship program, Gingko has enabled 11 teen mothers to become beacons of hope, encouraging young minds to make informed decisions and attain financial stability and literacy in the process. 

‘This mentorship program has supported me to earn money to start a small business and to raise funds to take my child to school,’  Vennah echoed.

Remarkable improvements have been seen in how the Gingko teen mothers conduct these mentorship sessions. After each interaction, we review the challenges they faced openly and brainstorm solutions together. As a result, mentors have sharpened their problem-solving, presentation, and effective communication skills.

Our vision as Gingko Africa remains to witness the transformative change in these teen mothers' lives to live in dignity Through this mentorship program, they gain practical skills, becoming future leaders equipped with confidence and resilience, to overcome obstacles and lead their communities forward.

Beyond reducing teenage pregnancies, the Gingko mentorship program empowers young mothers to embrace their potential, inspiring others along the way. The dedication of these teen moms fuels our hope for a brighter future. By investing in mentorship, we sow the seeds of a more empowered community.


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