I don't want my child to live in poverty

I don't want my child to live in poverty

Climate change is a priority, and taking the lead in advocacy in our current society. Gingko Africa is also making strides to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13- Climate Action. With the fashion industry being ranked as the second most significant environmental pollutant after crude oil, have you ever wondered about the impact of wardrobe cleanup on the environment? Are you contributing to environmental pollution, or are you protecting it?

From 20th to 24th  February 2023, 8 Gingko teen mothers came together to design and produce handmade notebooks using waste Kitenge fabric, also known as Ankara fabric. They collected waste materials that would otherwise be disposed of in a land field to add aesthetic value to notebooks. During the 4 days, the teen mothers were able to produce 215 A5-size and 72 A6-size notebooks. These beautifully designed handcrafted notebooks have a significant impact on the lives of the teen mothers from Kibera- to support their journey to financial stability. For instance, they will be able to pay school fees to pursue their dreams and provide necessities for their children. Hence, this is another opportunity to change the narrative in society, ' you need to have finished university for you to get employed. '


As unemployment drains the potential of the youth in most countries, especially in Kenya, most of the teenage girls in the slums get pregnant because of being held in the jaws of poverty. This gives room for period poverty and manipulation into sexual exchange for money. In Gingko, entrepreneurial skills, like what the teen mothers are learning and practicing, are vital to self-fulfillment and financial independence, especially in a teenager's life.


In the journey to financial stability, teen mothers sell their aesthetically handmade notebooks through the Gingko website. In addition, each book carries the life-changing story of the teen mother who made it. This way, the user will meet and know the life they have directly touched when they purchase it.


Do you like to doodle? Grab yourself a unique gift of an Ankara notebook- touch a life, save our planet.

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