Creating Impact in Senegal

Creating Impact in Senegal

With the aim to end poverty education on Sexual and Reproductive Health, mental health, and business, and promote personal cultivation among teenagers, Gingko Africa published the 1st Edition of the S’epanouir durant L’adolescence book. This book contributes to  Gingko's preventive approach towards teen pregnancy cases that are not only rampant in Kenya but also in West and Central Africa.

As adolescence is a vital phase in human development that enables teenagers to think, understand and create in a more elaborate and innovative manner. The S’epanouir durant L’adolescence book is a concise guidebook that covers the major areas of development in adolescence. The book is rich with knowledge on reproductive health, personal development, mental health, and entrepreneurship basics,  intended to enable teenagers in West and Central Africa to find the right footing in life during the early and delicate stage of teenagehood. 

The book is full of fun activities, dynamics, real case studies, tips, and illustrations to foster ease in personal cultivation and assessment. Wrapped in artistic knowledge dispensation,  S’epanouir Durant L’adolescence’s book serves as a bridge between the overall development of teens and the end of teen pregnancies in society.


Sharing the goal of Gingko, ending poverty education through SRH perspective and developing a holistic teenager,  the Foundwation organization collaborated with Gingko in equipping 200 teenagers in Senegal with the S’epanouir durant L’adolescence book. With this, we aim to impart the lives of 400 teenagers in return in the next four months.

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