Blossom Through TeenageHood now available in 4 Naivas Stores

Blossom Through TeenageHood now available in 4 Naivas Stores

We are excited to announce that the transformative book, "Blossom Through TeenageHood," is now available at select Naivas supermarkets! Teenagers deserve the opportunity to navigate their teenage years with confidence, resilience, and self-discovery. This empowering book aims to provide invaluable guidance and support during this critical phase of life.

The Dynamics of Blossom Through Teenagehood

"Blossom Through TeenageHood" is a comprehensive guidebook specifically designed to address the challenges and joys of Teenagehood. Written with care and expertise, it explores various topics, including self-esteem, establishing healthy relationships, goal setting, mental health, financial management, and more. This book is a trusted companion that empowers teenagers to navigate the complexities of adolescence and helps them blossom into confident, resilient individuals.

Thinking of reading the Blossom book from your coach?

You can now access the "Blossom Through Teenagehood" in the following Naivas supermarkets:

Naivas Lifestyle

Naivas Moi Avenue

Naivas Ronald Ngala

Naivas Mountain View

Be part of a teenager's development journey by grabbing a Blossom through Teenagehood book for them. Remember, every teenager deserves to blossom into their full potential.

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