A Journey of Mentorship, Learning and Growth

A Journey of Mentorship, Learning and Growth

After a six-month mentorship program that has been running in five semi-urban settlements in Nairobi, Gingko Africa decided to take a pause and conduct an evaluation on the impact of the peer mentorships on teenagers. Has there been behavioral change? Do teenagers have the safe spaces to access quality education about Sexual and Reproductive Health? In these brief yet impactful days, the Gingko team delved into topics vital to the development of teenagers, leaving footprints of inspiration and change.

The first day of the mentorship evaluation focused on the neighborhoods of Kawangware and Kangemi. It was heartening to witness these young individuals take steps toward comprehending their strengths, passions, and dreams.

“This mentorship program has helped me improve my self-esteem. I used to doubt myself a lot, but now I've learned to believe in my abilities and value who I am. I have grown so much, and I'm not afraid to take on new challenges. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity." Javan 13 year old, Gingko mentorship program beneficiary.

I got my own back

The journey continued to Dandora, a community known for its resilience and spirit. On this day, the focus shifted to empowering self-esteem. The teenagers were encouraged to recognize their worth and embrace their uniqueness as they completed the assigned evaluation questionnaire. 

“Before this mentorship, I didn't really know much about self-awareness. But now, I've learnt about it and It's helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, and made me more confident. I can see how I've grown, and it's all because of learning to be more self-aware”- Caroline16 year old, Gingko mentoships program beneficiary.

Mental health matters

The third day took us to Kayole. Open conversations about mental well-being, stress management, and coping mechanisms were the core responses we got from the interview session. Witnessing teenagers openly share their thoughts and concerns served as a reminder of the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

"Through this mentorship journey, I've learned so much about mental health and how to take care of myself. It has helped me grow into a stronger and happier person who can face life with confidence." Modesta 13 year old, Gingko mentoships program beneficiary.

Let’s talk Sexual Health awareness

The evaluation process concluded in Kibera slums, where the teenagers were excited to get educated about STIs and prevention, discussing the challenges of teen pregnancy and ways to prevent it. These conversations were necessary and impactful. The teenagers are left armed with knowledge, resources, and a sense of responsibility towards their own health and well-being.

Scholastica a 14-year-old, Gingko mentorships beneficiary echoed, “I didn’t know much about sexual health and my rights. But now, I've learned about my body, consent, and how to make informed decisions. I've grown so much in confidence and self-assurance. This knowledge has empowered me and made me have respect for myself and others."

Throughout this four-day mentorship evaluation program, the theme was empowerment. Gingko Africa, through its thoughtful community mentorship program, has shown its dedication to fostering growth and development among teenagers. By providing a safe space for open dialogue, these young minds are equipped with information that could potentially shape their futures.

This four-day experience served as a reminder that investing time, effort, and resources into the development of teenagers is an investment into a brighter and more empowered future for our communities as a whole.

Are you taking action to empower your community?

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