A Fan Fair Frenzy : Club Kiboko

A Fan Fair Frenzy : Club Kiboko

What brings together fun, learning, and a community with a shared purpose? 🔊Club Kiboko.

It was a sunny Saturday morning when all roads were leading to the Club Kiboko Annual Fan Fair as families from all corners of the city gathered for a day of laughter, exploration, and bonding at the highly anticipated event.

The MC of the day Dj Sleepy, brought his signature humor and charm, effortlessly connecting with the audience and keeping the spirits high throughout the day. The primary goal of the Fan Fair was clear: to create an avenue where kids could have a blast, while parents engaged in meaningful interactions, networked with influential partners, and learned about Gingko Africa's impactful programs. 

The heartbeat of the event, however, resided not just in the games and workshops, but in the connections formed. Parents, educators, and community leaders had a unique opportunity to interact and share insights. The presence of KCB, a prominent financial institution, added a layer of prestige and affirmed the event's significance. It was evident that the Fan Fair was not just about fun; it was a platform for fostering collaboration, innovation, and community growth.

Our goals as an organisation for the event were not only met but surpassed. Gingko Africa managed to spark conversations, connect with potential partners, and plant seeds of change in the hearts of parents. The event was a celebration of unity, growth, and the spirit of coming together for a purpose greater than ourselves.

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